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Business Breakfast Briefing ‘Investing in a Trump-World: General Views followed by Specific Investment Recommendations’


8:00 AM
Holiday Inn, Šeimyniškių g. 1, Vilnius


Akvilė Bosaitė, Partner and Head of the Banking and Finance Practice Group at COBALT

Investment activity: what form to choose?

In today’s world when interest rates are zero or even negative, traditional investment path of depositing cash in banks has lost attraction and new forms of investment activities needs to be explored. Returns from investments may be very lucrative provided a person diligently and prudently selects an investment path. The question is what form to choose depending on the type of investment activity a person is willing to pursue or a project for which an investment needs to be raised. We will guide through possible forms of carrying investment activities and will outline advantages and pitfalls of each of them.

Ib Fredslund Madsen, Ph.D., Chief Strategist, Jyske Bank

The new US president Donald Trump heralds a new presidential style and certainly also a new view of the World. Focusing on his economic policy, Trumponomics as it has been called; he brings both business friendly and unfriendly elements. The question then is whether you as an investor have to rethink how to invest in a world where Trump rules in the US. We explore how the current global economic development interplays with Donald Trump now leading the biggest economy in the world, and how you should position yourself as investor.

Rune Dinesen, Senior Equity Analyst, International Equities, Jyske Bank

We introduce you to three stocks from our Global Winner List, which we think will perform well in a Trump-World. Our global stock screening tool produces a short list of promising stocks. Using that list we apply our multiyear analyst experience to handpick those stocks which has a real potential for outperforming the global stock market.



8.00 am - breakfast, coffee, networking;

8:30 am – Presentations followed by discussion;

10:30 The end.

VENUE: Holiday Inn, Šeimyniškių g. 1, Vilnius



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