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Maksimas Saveljevas shared his insights and useful practical guidance on the application of the new Labour Code


Maksimas Saveljevas, COBALT Managing Associate and Head of Corporate & Regulatory practice group, held a series of seminars for the employees of the financial services and information technology company Western Union.

During the seminars, Maksimas Saveljevas shared his expertise on practical aspects of the application of the new Labour Code, such as termination of employment, dealing with breaches of job duties, liability for such breaches, and the average pay.

“In the face of ever-changing regulation of labour relations, it is of vital importance for business people to seek advice from a lawyer with expert knowledge of the practical aspects of the application of the new Labour Code, in order to avoid any mistakes. We are glad that companies display a responsible attitude by seeking to introduce the new changes to HR professionals as well as business segment representatives who have their own teams,” says Maksimas Saveljevas.

The main purpose of the seminars was to help business people to better understand how to apply the new Labour Code, in what cases and how offending employees may be found to be in breach of their job duties, when termination of an employee can be initiated, and how the average pay has to be calculated upon dismissal and for the purposes of the annual leave pay.

The seminars attracted more than 200 local clients’ HR managers who are responsible for their team members, while HR managers from the USA, Costa Rica, and different European countries watched the seminars live and addressed their questions to the speaker online.