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Office hours powered by COBALT


9 AM - 5 PM
Vilnius Tech Park, Antakalnio str. 17

Office hours powered by COBALT is organized monthly as a free day-long event to facilitate 1:1 knowledge sharing and growth.

Book your appointment and get to craft solutions for your business challenges and ideas with one or several professionals during the morning or afternoon sessions on November 16th.

MORNING SESSION 9:00 - 12:00

Renata Vasiliauskienė | COBALT will answer your questions regarding privacy and data protection, e-commerce matters, including consumer protection in the frame of EU regulations. Book your individual meeting with Renata here:

Darius Žakaitis | Contrarian Ventures will give you pitch deck review and provide you with fundraising feedback. Book your individual meeting with Darius here:

Tomas Beniušis | Telia Lietuva is great to talk if you are currently working on your technology solutions and roadmapping your new product. Tomas is well familiar with both startup and corporate ecosystem, previous to Telia Lietuva worked as a CTO in the accelerator and a seed capital fund Practica Capital. Book your individual meeting with Tomas here:

Vaida Zykutė | GOFuture is a go-to-professional to discuss how to build client loyalty, how to create a win-win relations with your client, moreover, how to package and communicate your intellectual services. She has deep knowledge and diverse strategies to share regarding making the clients of intellectual services happy. Book your individual meeting with Vaida here:

Toma Grinytė | Google Baltics can help you out with digital marketing and strategy, as well as partnership building and stakeholder management. Tomas coordinates the program of „Google Partners” for Baltics and has good insight into the processes of buildig and expanding partnerships within the Baltic region. Book your individual meeting with Toma here:

AFTERNOON SESSION, 14:00 - 17:00

Andrius Grigorjevas | Be&Do is great to talk to about your product development, business scaling, marketing and brand building. You can consult about creating a compelling brand story of your brand as a well-told story makes a brand focused, relevant, and inspiring to both the outside and the inside. Book your individual meeting with Andrius here:

Rytis BieliauskasCoinGate will be consulting all who are interested to learn more about cryptocurrency (Blockchain) technologies. Among many Rytis' interests are computer security, protection against social engineering, cryptography and artificial intelligence. Book your individual meeting with Rytis here:

Regimantas Urbanas | will be great to consult with about product/service launch and growth strategy through the digital channels. Revise your value proposition or pitch deck to your customer/investor with him. Book your individual meeting with Regimantas here:

Paulius NakčiūnasTelia Lietuva will be useful to reach out to if you are working or considering IoT, new generation connectivity of your product, devise and identity. Paulius will help with product development/management fields from creating idea to EOL (end-of-life). Book your individual meeting with Paulius here:

Arvydas Bložė | & Práctica Capital will assist on seeing your case in the frame of fundraising vs bootstrapping, also can advise on business development and strategy building for your product or service. Book your individual meeting with Advydas here:

Tomas Nemura | The Chocolate Digital Agency will help out with your questions about online communications, digital content, how to manage negative information in social media. Tomas is equipped to discuss branding and identity, online communication and sales. Book your individual meeting with Tomas here:

Dovydas Braukyla | Planas Chuliganas will be very good to connect to if you are creating your product as B2B or you are using telemarketing tools to reach new clients or to give the best service to the ones you have. Come if you need critical insights on your sales and customer service strategies. Book your individual meeting with Dovydas here: