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COBALT partner Elo Tamm moderated the Healthcare Innovation Conference


Healthcare Innovation Conference "The Future of the Estonian Healthcare System: Innovation and Strategy" was held in Tallinn, discussing the necessity of digitalisation in healthcare and the use of high-quality data. According to the speakers, it is important to use the data correctly and to take advantage of the opportunities that modern technology offers in order to develop healthcare faster, make it more accurate and run smoother. The conference was moderated by the Chairwoman of the Health Care Committee at AmCham and COBALT partner Elo Tamm.

Estonian Minister of Health and Labor, Riina Sikkut, opened the conference stating that the future of medicine is inevitably digital. In addition, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Rain Laane, spoke at the conference, emphasizing that it is important to digitise the healthcare system to make the process smoother and faster.

Andres Võrk, a health economist and a lecturer at the University of Tartu, gave an overview of the links between health and economics. According to Võrk, not enough research has been conducted about the links between global economy and health in Estonia. In his opinion, the Estonian healthcare system is relatively effective but the financial management in healthcare could be more efficient.

Sophie Clozel, personalized healthcare expert at Genentech, affirmed that there has been a major leap in the development of healthcare technologies. However, there is room for innovation and further advancement in healthcare science.

The conference was held by AmCham in co-operation with the European Commission Representation in Estonia, law office COBALT, software company Microsoft, biotechnology company Genentech / Roche and biopharmaceutical company MSD.