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Experience law in practice - apply to COBALT Junior programme


Until 14 September 2018, second and senior course bachelor law students are welcome to apply for participation in COBALT Junior programme in Latvia. During the programme, future legal professionals will have an opportunity to learn about secrets of lawyer’s work as well as to obtain practical experience in one of the leading law firms in Latvia.

A new generation of lawyers has grown since we started the programme 5 years ago. The best junior lawyers who are your peers and our colleagues are now ready to share their experience, discuss practical issues and support you in taking first steps in legal profession. We proudly announce the first ever peer to peer legal training program that will lead you through all the essential capabilities the employer is seeking for.  

Within the 11-months programme we will offer:

  • Practical training sessions and tasks
  • Observation sessions at the office
  • Observation sessions at the court room
  • 2-month apprenticeship at COBALT
  • Individual career advice

The working language of the programme is Latvian.

Follow the link to submit your application. 

About us:

COBALT is a closely integrated alliance of top-tier law offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, offering leading-edge solutions in all key areas of business law. With a team of 50 lawyers, COBALT Riga office is one of the biggest law firm in Latvia.