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Legal Tech Hackathon


2018-03-16 - 2018-03-17
Vilnius Tech Park, Antakalnio str. 17

COBALT, ATEA and Vilnius Tech Park are glad to invite you to the first Legal Tech Hackathon in Lithuania. During 24 hours you will create innovations which solve problems at the intersection of law, business, and technology.

COBALT, ATEA and Vilnius Tech Park community believe that technology will significantly change the business of law. We want to integrate technology into law, educate lawyers and involve IT professionals, thus we invite startups, entrepreneurs and creative individuals to join their minds in our Legal Tech Hackathon.

COBALT and ATEA will help you bring new ideas that you will generate at the event to life.

Together we will create new business models, services and/or products to be developed and used either as your own or on a partnership basis. You will have the following resources available:

  • mentors, scientists, professional consultants active in the fields of law, IT, business development and more; 
  • a list of hot issues the legal industry needs to solve by Legal Tech; 
  • fast wi-fi, snacks, drinks and more perks you may need.

Kicking-off legal innovations, inspiring progressive changes of law and practice – that’s what Legal Tech Hackathon is about. We will give you the floor to come up with solutions for innovative products and provide support for their actual implementation.

The winning team will get:

  • the invitation to implement its idea in COBALT’s sandbox and all necessary support (strategic mentorship from 180+ expert-industry professionals and thought leaders from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Belarus);
  • a cash prize of EUR 1,000.

If you are not the winner, don’t worry! If we like your idea, you will also get an opportunity to be invited to COBALT’s sandbox – so do your best!

Join other great minds and take this chance to make Vilnius the European Legal Tech centre!

LegalTech Hackathon Agenda


16:30 - Arrival and registration

17:00 - Hackathon opening: speeches by Vilnius City Major Remigijus Šimašius and General Secretary of Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration Vitalija Baranovienė

17:15 - Hackathon partners' intro session

18:00 - Q&A session

18:15 - Pitch your idea

19:00 - Networking event

19:15 - Work starts

Work continues all night long


9:00 - Light breakfast

10:00 - 12:00 Mentorship session

12:00 - Lunch

13:00 - 16:00 - Work continues

16:00 - Submit your result!

17:00 - Final pitching session and award ceremony

19:00 - Pizza and networking @Barkodas

Tasks for Hackaton:

Automated work, processes:

  • Automatic calculation of stamp duty with a payment link, categorised and automated case law, etc.
  • Filling and reviewing of tax returns, tax calculation.


  • Templates of contracts and procedural documents; fast finding of case law, for example, when writing a complaint, relevant case law would be automatically suggested; document review (detection of errors, repeated words, alignment, etc.); prediction of the outcome of the case on the basis of similar cases.
  • A database of standard contracts as well as case-law analysis.
  • Modern / convenient document management/editing system.
  • An app for establishing companies online.
  • Other self-service tools.
  • Performer of other standardised tasks – robot.


  • A photo app which automatically translates photographed texts into Word format exactly as written (with marked paragraphs, alignment, etc.); a legal app where all legal acts can be easily found.
  • An app that integrates work with clients, CRM and time accounting (for example, after a call with a client, the time spent could be immediately assigned to a particular project).
  • An app for establishing companies online.
  • Lawyers Network / Database – a technological solution.

Self-service apps:

  • For entering personal codes, addresses, attaching evidence received or found, submitting ideas and suggestions on the dispute or case.
  • In a contract template, clients could insert necessary details, select multiple alternatives (duration of the contract – fixed / indefinite, applicable law, etc.).


  • COBALT mobile app.
  • Create a COBALT messenger-like application – the client could track the stage of his/her dispute in real-time (whether documents have been submitted to the court, whether any kind of request is under preparation or any reply is pending from somewhere, etc.); the client could also provide his/her suggestions, add documents or evidence. The point is to establish a closer relationship with clients and ensure greater trust.


  • Blockchain and law;
  • Legal Tech innovations using existing social networks or developing new ones;
  • Legal Tech innovations using software / software robots;
  • Legal Tech innovations powered by artificial intelligence;
  • Legal Tech innovations using virtual reality;
  • Legal Tech and games;
  • Legal Tech and music;
  • On-demand lawyers’ platform;
  • Social network for amicable conflict resolution;
  • Do-it-yourself legal online platform;
  • AI legal data analytics tools adaptable to different languages.


Bucerius Law School study: How legal technology will change the business of law?

Mobile apps in legal/law firms:

Legal Tech startups catalogue:


These are not the only possible tasks and you are very welcome to suggest your ideas.

Our proposed tasks rather represent trends or areas which we believe are worth exploring in more detail.


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Registration deadline: 10 March 2018

Number of participants is limited. Therefore, registration is subject to confirmation by the organisers.