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Trademarks: Things you should know


2:30 – 5 PM (registration from 2 PM)
Vilnius Tech Park, Antakalnio 17, Vilnius

Law Firm COBALT and Vilnius Tech Park will be co-hosting the conference “Trademarks: Things you should know” on 28 March. In today’s world, new goods and services are offered to consumers every day and countless marks are used to designate them. In order to attract and retain attention of consumers, a mark should be distinctive and one that can be easily memorised. However, there are various potential risks to consider before starting to develop and use a new trademark. During the event, among other things, the following questions will be analysed:

  • Are you using a sign or slogan? Should you obtain legal protection for it?
  • What are the ways to protect trademarks? Is it complicated to protect your trademark?
  • If you have plans to operate in Lithuania and beyond, does your mark need wider protection?
  • What are practical mistakes in trademark development and use and how can they be avoided?

During the event, the speakers will share their real-life experiences and challenges faced in developing and using trademarks and will discuss international high-profile cases relating to an infringing use of another’s trademark. In addition, they will review ways of protecting trademarks and key legal requirements that apply to registration of trademarks, will share practical advice that may be relevant both to start-ups and all those who consider to start or have already started a business.



Event moderator: Eglė Bakštytė, Senior Associate at COBALT

14:00 – 14:30 Registration, welcome coffee

14:30 – 14:50 Trademarks: what are common challenges faced by start-ups?

Eglė Bakštytė, Senior Associate at COBALT

14:50 – 15:10 Looks like everything is already created

Jonas Liugaila, Design strategist at the design agency CRITICAL; Ieva Mickevičiūtė, Project manager at CRITICAL

15:10 – 15:30 Review of trademark thefts: global examples and stories

Tomas Nemura, Business Development Manager at Choco Agency

15:30 – 15:50 Coffee break

15:50 – 16:10 Practical steps to register a trademark in Lithuania, Europe and the rest of the world; non-registrable trademarks

Kristina Vilkienė, Head of Industrial Property Division of the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania

16:10 – 16:50 Panel discussion. Moderator: Eglė Bakštytė, Senior Associate at COBALT

Participants: Tomas Nemura,Business Development Manager at Choco Agency; Kristina Vilkienė, Head of Industrial Property Division of the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania; Nidas Kiuberis, founder of Caffeine LT; Jonas Liugaila, design strategist at the design agency CRITICAL; Ieva Mickevičiūtė, project manager at CRITICAL; Paulius Senūta, CEO at Not Perfect companies



Senior Associate Eglė Bakštytė has nearly 15 years of experience in advertising law and consumer protection, also focuses her practice on intellectual property, data protection and media law and renders legal advice on product labelling, product liability and food market regulation.

Kristina Vilkienė is the Head of Industrial Property Division of the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania. Kristina has worked in the area of intellectual property for 16 years and draws her experience from her time working both at the State Patent Bureau, a law firm, in the judicial system and delivering lectures on intellectual property law at a university. Kristina believes that every creator has a right to a strong intellectual property object, but the important thing is not only to create but also ensure adequate protection and realisation of the rights to such intellectual property object.

Tomas Nemura is head of business development of Choco Agency. This agency is one of the main Lithuanian digital companies. Tomas have been consulting the biggest brands in Lithuania for many years.

Jonas Liugaila is a design strategist at the design agency CRITICAL and a member of the Board of the Lithuanian Graphic Design Association.

Ieva Mickevičiūtė. Completed her education in Denmark and retured to Lithuania. She is a project manager at CRITICAL who has been assisting business problems and initiating change for more than 7 years.

Nidas Kiuberis is a founder of Caffeine LT.



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