Kalev Saare is a Senior Associate at COBALT. Kalev has long-term experience in the resolution of civil, contract and corporate law matters. Throughout his career, Kalev has been working both as an attorney and as a member of the teaching staff of the University of Tartu, conducting legal research and teaching and instructing students. Kalev was the Chairman of the Thesis Defence Committee of Private Law at the University of Tartu for many years. Combining academic and practical work has allowed him to research matters related to civil, contract and corporate law in depth. Kalev is a co-author of the Annotated Editions of the Law of Obligations Act and the General Part of the Civil Code Act. Kalev is a highly valued counsel in litigation. His fields of academic research include civil, corporate and contract law, including construction law.
Kalev has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 1996 and he has been a member of the Professional Suitability Assessment Committee of the Bar Association for years. Kalev is a member of the working group for revision of corporate law formed by the Ministry of Justice. The revision is financed by the European Social Fund within the framework of the project “Law Revision”.