White Collar

Complex business relations, the ever-changing regulatory environment, as well as volatile competition conditions have created a demand for a highly competent white-collar legal practice. The latter in conjunction with our team of 200 leading lawyers with industry-specific knowledge and experience creates a strong force.

We understand that when defending or counselling our clients in such matters, the clients prefer the case to be handled and terminated quickly, preferably achieving the needed result without unnecessary public attention. We believe that success in achieving these goals comes from well-considered pro-active strategies. Broad industry-specific knowledge helps us in understanding the client’s business in each sector and in communicating with the State Prosecutors Office, Internal Security Service, FSA, FIU, Competition Authority and other authorities, local courts or the European Court of Human Rights. Our white-collar specialists have dealt with a wide range of investigations starting with financial crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement, breach of trust, and ending with crimes against the state, such as money laundering and bribery.

Regardless of whether it is defending and representing clients in criminal investigations, regulatory (administrative) misdemeanour investigations, or pursuing a case as counsel for the victim, our white-collar specialists have extensive experience and track record. Moreover, we are well aware that the best criminal or regulatory case for our client is a non-existent case. Therefore, we seek to educate and advise our clients in everyday business aspects to prevent your organisation from committing crimes and different offences, including preventing crimes being committed inside or against your organisation. We assess and minimise the different risks facing our clients’ businesses and organisations by drafting or evaluating different internal policies, guidelines and procedures, and also by providing training in different fields for companies and their employees.