Venture capital

COBALT is one of the leading legal advisors for venture capital funds, corporate venture capital arms and other venture capital investors. Due to the ongoing importance of startups and various state initiatives directed at the establishment of funds in the Baltic states, Europe and elsewhere, venture capital continues to be a significant funding source for early-stage companies.

Our team is dedicated to providing full range of services in all types and at every stage of venture capital transactions. We are proud of our broad-based experience in fund (both licensed and unregulated) and company formation, investment structuring, venture capital specific advice and due diligence in areas such as corporate, employment, tax and intellectual property law, preparing full package of investment, shareholder and technology agreements, as well as exit related advice and execution. We provide tailored teams fully familiarised in each client’s portfolio and preferred transaction terms and structures for ongoing and efficient cooperation. We have helped to close more venture capital transactions than any other law firm in the Baltic region, and therefore possess and develop the most up to date transaction and market knowledge.

We take an active role in developing the ecosystem of venture capital. COBALT Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are longstanding members of the Baltic Private Equity and Venture Capital Associations, and we are present at the most prominent events as well as involved in the development of the legislative initiatives forming legal framework for the sector. By working closely with the venture capital community, we have developed a significant network of business relationships with venture capital investors, company executives and entrepreneurs.

We are praised by our clients for speed, excellence and entrepreneurial approach to all legal advice we are providing. Our team is composed of highly ranked professionals with deep experience in general as well as niche law specialisations combined with a broad understanding of the client’s needs and ecosystem in which they are operating. This combination allows us to take the lead in all steps of corporate lifespan, from foundation to raising funding through IPOs and beyond.