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COVID-19 Response Team by COBALT


The ongoing pandemic and declared state of emergency and various restrictive measures effected across the globe have created an unprecedented human, business and legal situation. In response to these challenges COBALT has established a dedicated legal team to assist and advise you promptly on all legal matters related to the situation. We are continuing our work from our offices as well as remotely, ensuring immediate response to our client inquiries and demands.

We have created and will supplement on a regular basis a special FAQ page providing brief answers to most common legal issues. Initial focus is placed on public safety and employee / employer rights and obligations as the top priority. Other matters will be addressed on a continuing basis.

We appreciate that each situation is unique and different risks and legal consequences may occur depending upon particular details. Therefore, please use our FAQ section as a reference point only. Our dedicated team will promptly reconsider each enquiry based on the specific facts and conditions and provide you the legal advice tailored to your unique situation.

You may contact our Covid-19 Response Team in each of the Baltic Capitals:

Team Latvia:

Team Estonia:

Team Lithuania: