WEBINAR | Venture investments: terms and trends in the Baltics, UK and US

Data: 2023 - 12 - 05

Laikas: 15:00 - 16:30

Vieta: https://cobalt.zoomtv.lt/

COBALT and GOODWIN law firms kindly invite you to a webinar at:
3PM EET (Vilnius/Riga/Tallinn time) / 1PM GMT (London time) / 8AM EST (Boston time) on 5 December.

In venture capital deals, the US is perceived as a jurisdiction setting forth and modifying standards, which are then taken over and adapted by the UK, with the Baltics following the trends afterward.

All venture capital investments predominantly revolve around a set of common issues:

  • Investment terms: closing conditions and mechanics, structuring of primary and secondary investments, reliance on representations and warranties, and limitations of liability.
  • Economic rights: liquidation preference and anti-dilution protection.
  • Share dealings: rights of first refusal, pre-emption rights, co-sale and tag-along provisions, and drag-along clauses.
  • Corporate governance: composition of corporate bodies, reserved matters, information rights, and similar considerations.
  • Founder-related undertakings: vesting/reverse vesting of shares, leaver provisions, and restrictive covenants (non-competition and non-solicitation restrictions).

The primary objective of the webinar is to discuss the above issues with the purpose of identifying the practices, similarities, and differences across different geographical regions [and countries], such as the Baltics, UK and US. The second objective of our webinar is to engage in a comprehensive discussion regarding the prevailing trends in deal terms, scrutinizing how they have been influenced by the evolving economic landscape and the emergence of new economic trends.

To achieve these goals and get insights from legal practitioners working hands-on on venture capital investments, the webinar will be hosted by two law firms with in-depth venture capital practices: Cobalt, covering Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and Goodwin, a global law firm with a focus on venture deals in the UK and US.

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The webinar is free. It will be held in English.

BROADCAST TIME: 3PM EET (Vilnius/Riga/Tallinn time) / 1PM GMT (London time) / 8AM EST (Boston time) on 5 December.

We invite you to ask relevant questions during the live broadcast.



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