Congratulations to Tõnu Kolts on his new role as Managing Associate

2023 - 10 - 24

We are happy to congratulate our experienced colleague on his new title! As of autumn, Tõnu Kolts has been promoted to Managing Associate. We had a chat with Tõnu about his thoughts and goals in relation to his new role.

What area of law are you currently working in?

Now, I mainly work in the field of tax. In addition, my daily work involves various employee incentive schemes (including stock options) and corporate restructurings. A strong tax background allows me to offer clients with tax-efficient solutions for corporate restructuring.

How has been your journey to your new title?

It has been an organic journey. I started my career in the firm almost 10 years ago as an ordinary lawyer and today I am here.

What have been the biggest challenges during your career?

I believe that the biggest challenges have not been related to my daily work, but rather to other related issues, such as finding the right team members and motivating myself at a time when the days are getting darker and its constantly raining. However, sports such as swimming can help to recharge batteries. In addition, sometimes you have to remind yourself that you cannot control and be responsible for all the things in the world and that you just have to do your own things well.

What else would you like to do in your field?

There is certainly still a lot to be done. We will further develop our tax advice service line and various employee incentive scheme solutions. We are already well known in the market in this respect, but there is always room for improvement. We have recently been named as the best tax law firm in the Baltics by International Tax Review and we aim to maintain this title in the years to come.