Arbitration Run 2024

Introducing the Vilnius Arbitration Day 2024's very own "Arbitration Run 2024", proudly powered by COBALT. Prepare yourself for a captivating and inspiring adventure as you embark on a journey through the vibrant heart of Vilnius city centre. This event isn't just about athleticism; it's about embracing the spirit of togetherness and cultural discovery.


Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just looking for a fun way to explore the city, the Arbitration Run 2024 welcomes participants of all fitness levels. Join us for an active and educational adventure that promises to be as enriching as it is enjoyable. Explore the renowned landmarks and hidden treasures of Vilnius, immerse yourself in its captivating history, and as you go, get your heart racing and forge new friendships. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a great time and strengthen your bond with the city of Vilnius!



Date and Time

Arbitration Run 2024 awaits you in the heart of Vilnius city centre, promising an invigorating experience on 14 September (Saturday) at 8.00 – 9.30 AM. Starting at Cathedral Square, runners will embark on a two-lap route, soaking up the charm of the old town and the energy of the new town.



The starting and finishing point for this route is Cathedral Square.
As you cross the starting line, prepare for more than just the excitement of the run, anticipate the delightful prospect of refreshing snacks and drinks awaiting you upon your return.


Pace and Approach

The primary focus of this run is recovery, with a pace tailored to accommodate the slowest participant. This inclusive approach ensures that all runners, regardless of their fitness levels, can join in and enjoy the scenic route at a comfortable pace. It’s not about crossing the finish line first; it’s about enjoying the journey together.


Landmark Stops

Arbitration Run 2024 is more than just a run – it’s a chance to delve into the rich history and culture of Vilnius. Throughout the route, designated stops at various landmarks will provide participants with the opportunity to pause, catch their breath, and delve into the significance of these landmarks with knowledgeable guides.

As you cross the old town, marvel at the architecture and historical sites that vividly depict Vilnius’ rich past. The new town, with its modern charm and bustling energy, adds a dynamic contrast to the run, creating a well-rounded exploration of the city’s evolution.


Community Building

Arbitration Run 2024 fosters a sense of community among participants. By embracing a collaborative spirit and running at a pace comfortable for everyone, the event encourages social interaction, providing an ideal opportunity to connect with fellow runners, share stories, and forge new friendships.


COBALT Empowerment

Fuelled by COBALT, Arbitration Run 2024 ensures that participants are energized and motivated throughout the journey. COBALT, renowned for its dedication to wellness, supports the event’s mission to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Join us for Arbitration Run 2024 in Vilnius – a unique fusion of fitness, culture, and community that promises to create lasting memories and enriching experiences for all participants. Lace up your running shoes and get ready to explore Vilnius in a way you’ve never experienced before!


The Arbitration Run 2024 event is exclusively reserved for attendees of Vilnius Arbitration Day 2024, with limited spots available.
Register now to secure your place for the run.









Introducing Dr Rimantas Simaitis, MCIArb: a legal luminary, conflict resolver extraordinaire, and the dynamic force behind the Dispute Resolution Department at COBALT, one of the Baltic’s premier law firms. His expertise isn’t confined to courtrooms. He’s also a scholarly powerhouse, holding prestigious academic and scientific roles at Vilnius University’s Faculty of Law, and chairing the Arbitration Commission of the Lithuanian Bar.
Beyond the legal arena, Rimantas thrives on the adrenaline rush of endurance sports. As a seasoned triathlete and long-distance running aficionado, he’s conquered the Ironman not once, not twice, but an impressive four times! Plus, he’s tackled countless marathons and ultraruns, showcasing that his resilience extends far beyond the confines of the court and arbitration rooms.
Meet Dr Milda Markevičiūtė, shaking up stereotypes as an Associate Partner at COBALT focusing on the litigation and arbitration fields. But wait, there’s more – she’s also inspiring the legal minds of tomorrow at Vilnius University Faculty of Law. When she’s not occupied in the courtroom, you’ll find Milda immersing herself in the world of research, focusing on administrative penal law, dispute resolution, and the digital frontier of e-justice. Plus, she’s been involved in six EU-funded projects, focused on digitalisation of justice.
Despite jogging in all seasons, Milda has completed only one half-marathon and has experimented with ice-bathing only twice. So, you can safely rely on her to hold the pace nowhere near 4 min/km the morning after the Vilnius Arbitration Day. She also likes to kick back and relax with a glass of red wine, tinkering away at the piano, or indulging in some feel-good movie or story-telling stand-up comedy. And with a motto like “I will tell you when you are tired” (borrowed from her coach), you can bet she’s got a wicked sense of humour to match.


Introducing Marius Inta, a legal luminary, adept conflict resolver, and the driving force behind the Commercial Disputes Practice Group at COBALT.
When asked if he runs, Marius would answer: “sometimes”. Because he doesn’t think that running 20,000 km in the last 10 years is an important figure. More important reasons why Marius runs – it’s an escape from routine, freeing yourself from societal and social decision-making. Running is a conversation between your body and mind.
And if the numbers are interesting, then Marius has completed 10 marathons. Most of them are in different countries. Because seeing a foreign country while running is a great experience. Therefore, he invites other colleagues who came to the Arbitration Days to “see Vilnius with their feet”.