COBALT Estonia is investing its knowledge and is a shareholder in a start-up that makes companies sustainable

2023 - 12 - 05

Today, a company’s success is not just measured by its financial indicators. In addition to the results, it has become self-evident that companies take responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment and society in general. Sustainable thinking is essential for management. This is not a trend, but a new standard.

Adapting to change is always a challenge. For companies, sustainability also means an increased burden in measuring the environmental footprint, analysing EU sustainability legislation, auditing processes, reporting, and creating an action plan.

In the light of all these changes, COBALT Estonia has joined hands with Esgrid, a local start-up, and will take the role of an investor/shareholder in the company.

Esgrid has created the Saas platform, which makes the process of collecting ESG (sustainable and responsible approach to environmental, social and governance aspects) data smoother, while also providing practical recommendations and advice to help companies further accelerate their sustainability journey and green transition. The service created by Esgrid will help to take a significant part of the burden of data collection and legislative analysis off the shoulders of companies.

Our investment constituted the development of platform tools, including the analysis of EU sustainability legislation and the legal content of the tool. We also assisted in the conclusion of contracts with first users and advised on the preparation of agreements between the founders. We will continue to stay involved with the company.

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