Client wins complex financial crime case, accused of nearly EUR 2 million in tax evasion

2024 - 02 - 07

COBALT successfully defended its client in a complex criminal case where a person was accused of submitting false income information in their tax return, allegedly to evade nearly EUR 2 million in taxes. For serious crimes of this type, the Criminal Code provides for fines and imprisonment of up to 8 years.

The COBALT team proved that the person, who failed to timely declare all proceeds from the sale of company shares, had no intention to evade taxes. Based on the procedural documents prepared, explanations provided, evidence presented, and the client’s representation during the pre-trial investigation and in the court of first instance, the client was fully acquitted. The court accepted the defence’s arguments, ruling that the person had not committed any criminal or misdemeanour act.

The client’s interests were represented, and procedural documents were prepared by COBALT partner attorney at law Mindaugas Bliuvas, along with COBALT associate, assistant attorney Arnas Trukšnys.

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