Kadri Michelson comments on Alexela’s lawsuit against Estonian publication Eesti Päevaleht

2023 - 09 - 04
Article by: Kadri Michelson

Article published ot the 30th of August in the ERR.ee portal

Eesti Päevaleht and Delfi published an LPG market overview that covered Alexela’s business activities in 2022, along with an unprecedented article urging people not to refuel at Alexela.

Our Managing Associate Kadri Michelson commented on the given topic as Alexela’s representative. According to Kadri, an attempt was made to resolve the conflict out of the courtroom beforehand, but no agreement was reached. Therefore, the company had no other option but to turn to the court to resolve the matter.

Kadri states that it is not just the publication of incorrect data and slander towards Alexela, but first time in Estonian media landscape a widely read daily newspaper urged readers to boycott a company. Moreover, based on facts that are not true and creating the impression to the readers of Alexela being the only LPG supplier of Russian origin and an unethical business. Even more so, in a situation where sanctions have not been established and gas (LPG) supply security is necessary for both private individuals and production companies.

According to Kadri, the media has an important power, and it cannot be abused. If it has been done and unlawfully interfered in business activities, then media outlets should also be held accountable. Hence, this case is now being resolved in court.

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