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COBALT successfully represents SIA Homeland before the Supreme Court of Latvia


On 9 February 2018 the Supreme Court of Latvia passed a judgment whereby the COBALT client, SIA Homeland, obtained a court’s decision about collection of almost EUR 450 000 from the defendant SIA Terahouse-Maxcapital. Due to the nature of this procedure (court made decision ex parte) the defendant was allowed to dispute obligation to pay money and to ask the court to stay enforcement of the decision. In the particular case the defendant used this right. In addition, the defendant demanded from our client almost EUR 250 000 in damages.

The first two instances of the court made a judgment that was not favourable to the client. However, the Supreme Court ruled that the court of appeal had made serious mistakes and the judgement was cancelled. COBALT assisted the client starting from the court of appeal.

The client was advised by COBALT Latvia Managing Partner Lauris Liepa and Specialist Counsel Sergejs Rudāns.