Public Administrative & Constitutional Law

Our administrative and constitutional law attorneys provide services to public authorities and individual and corporate clients in the Baltic States who require counsel in dealing with complex government laws, rules, regulations, procedures, permits, or enforcement matters. Our clients trust our in-depth knowledge and long-standing experience in this field. We handle a wide range of legal matters from assisting real estate developers in planning or obtaining a building permit from a local government agency to representing a multinational company in enforcement proceedings by a state authority. Administrative disputes are often complex and need specialist regulatory knowledge. Therefore, our public administrative and constitutional attorneys work side by side with advisory attorneys in the relevant field, thus delivering the best possible outcome for the client.

Our renowned attorneys are sought out for representation in high-profile constitutional court proceedings, either to declare a legal act unconstitutional or to defend its constitutionality. Constitutional rights and obligations form a social agreement that regulates our life, work and businesses at every level. In some cases, laws and regulations do not adhere to that social agreement and thus need to be challenged in the relevant court. Constitutional matters demand outside-the-box thinking, something COBALT attorneys can definitely deliver.


2022 - 08 - 31
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Chambers Europe 2024, Dispute Resolution, Lithuania office
“The lawyers are very thorough in the preparation of the facts, very strong in proposing clear guidance in complex cases and very experienced in presenting complex issues in an understandable manner.”
Chambers Europe 2024, Dispute Resolution, Lithuania office
“COBALT's diplomacy, strategic planning, perfection in implementation and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction are exceptional.”
The Legal 500 2024, Dispute Resolution, Lithuania office
"COBALT is a unique, full-service law firm with considerable expertise as well as deep relationships in the various countries in which it operates. The firm consistently excels in its field and is a pleasure to work with. Their service standards are comparable to the best London firms."
Chambers Europe 2023, Dispute Resolution, Latvia office
“COBALT has a well-established dispute resolution team with highly respected team members, who are reliable in handling complex legal disputes.”
Chambers Europe 2023, Dispute Resolution, Latvia office
“COBALT respects short deadlines and its legal opinions are always detailed, elaborated and justified.”
Chambers Europe 2023, Dispute Resolution, Lithuania office
"COBALT's lawyers went deep into different aspects of the case and found ways to help us to reach our targets."
The Legal 500 2022, Dispute Resolution, Latvia office
"COBALT team was exceptional in working with the LGBTQ issues. We can also say that they were brave in taking a clear stand for equality, diversity and LGBTQ rights in the environment, which is still partly hostile towards the LGBTQ issues."
The Legal 500 2022, Dispute Resolution, Latvia office
"The practical experience, technical strength and strategic insight of COBALT lawyers is unmatched. From the very first meeting I felt very well informed and supported – on a human level, in terms of my rights and in terms of what settlement would be workable and fair. Highly recommended."
Chambers and Partners 2021, Dispute Resolution, Estonia
Sources attest to the team's commercial approach, with a client reporting: "The advice is always very clear: what are the options, what are the pros and cons."
The Legal 500 2021, Dispute resolution, Lithuania office
"There are many litigation experts, however, we have been working with COBALT for some time now. What makes them exceptional in this field is that even having advised us for many years, they still have many ideas, they brainstorm, they find solutions and their creativity is admiring."
The Legal 500 2021, Dispute resolution, Lithuania office
"The service we have received from COBALT has been outstanding so far. The advice is always promptly received, strategy has been agreed in advance and the different scenarios and potential outcomes clearly explained. The work put in by COBALT has also been reflected in terms of the court decisions to date."
Chambers Global 2020, Dispute Resolution, Latvia office
Clients appreciate the team's dedication to clients and market understanding, highlighting the team as one of the best in Latvia.
Chambers Europe 2015
"It is a delight to work with them. We get rational and deeply analysed advice. The team has some great lawyers and is easy to deal with."
The Legal 500 2015
"What stands out is an ability to deal with difficult business issues, showing a responsive approach, keeping clients updated, being totally professional."
The Legal 500 2015, Lithuania office
"COBALT Lithuania has developed expertise in areas including collective litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and administrative proceedings against public bodies."
Chambers Europe 2015, Latvia office
“Active dispute resolution team with significant experience in arbitration and cases before constitutional courts. The team is noted for its industry-specific knowledge [...].”