COBALT carried out training for verifying the compliance of providing structural support for public procurement

2019 - 11 - 05

Kadri Matteus, specialist counsel and senior associate of COBALT carried out training for specialists involved in verification of the compliance of public procurement in the provision of structural support.

More than 70 specialists of this field participated in the training, including specialists from the State Support Services Centre, Environmental Investment Centre, the Estonian education competence centre Foundation Innove, Foundation Archimedes and Enterprise Estonia.

The training focused on division of public procurement into lots, including the obligation to justify not dividing into lots, and the prohibition of fragmentation for the purpose of circumventing requirements of procurement law, covering both the theory as well as practice.

Kadri Matteus is a senior associate and public procurement specialist of COBALT. Kadri’s portfolio includes organisation of public procurements for Tallinn Creative Hub (Tallinna Kultuurikatel SA), Tallinn City Hall (Tallinna Linnahalli AS) and Tallinn Public Transport (Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS), counselling provided to the public procurement and state aid department of the Ministry of Finance, and representing international corporations in public procurements organised by way of derogation from the Public Procurement Act due to internal and external security considerations. Kadri represents also a number of tenderers, including Ragn-Sells, the largest waste handler in Estonia, in public procurement disputes.

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