COBALT represents a client in a dispute over a breach of the business secret

2020 - 11 - 19

COBALT represents the client in a dispute with a former employee about a breach of the obligation of the business secret.

The matter of the dispute is a case where an employee who worked for our client for a long time expressed a wish to work for a direct competitor of the company. As this was not an unusual case, an agreement was reached to terminate the employment. Afterwards, it turned out that before the last working day and before starting to work for the competitor of our client, the employee sent numerous confidential and business secret materials to their personal e-mail address. As with all companies, it is also important for our client that the business secret remains confidential and is not used by unauthorized persons. Therefore, the client decided to file a claim against the former employee in court under the employment contract and the Restriction of Unfair Competition and Protection of Business Secrets Act.

The client is represented by Senior Associate Kadri Michelson and Associate Stella Raudsepp.

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