COBALT successfully represented Tallinna Sadam in Tallinn Circuit Court

2021 - 11 - 05

COBALT successfully represented AS Tallinna Sadam in a dispute with Worldwide Caro Establishment (hereinafter WCE). WCE is a cargo operator of Tallinna Sadam which handles grain.

The conflict started in 2018, when WCE filed a claim to the Harju County Court against Tallinna Sadam, requesting that the minimum cargo volume in the cooperation agreement should be reduced retroactively and the contractual penalties plus accued interest of delay should be repaid. The action was dismissed by the decision of the Harju County Court on 19.01.2021.

WCE filed an appeal to the circuit court and on 22.10.2021 the Tallinn Circuit Court dismissed the appeal. The decision of the Tallinn Circuit Court has not yet entered into force and WCE may appeal the decision within 30 days of receiving it.

Our client Tallinna Sadam was represented by COBALT´s Specialist Counsel Rauno Ligi and Senior Associate Mart Blöndal.


Find out more from the press release: NasdaqOMX.



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