Families of young hockey players win court proceeding against a local Latvian hockey union

2023 - 11 - 22

COBALT has successfully represented several young hockey players and their families in a court proceeding against the association “Mārupe Hockey Union” for the termination of agreements. After the association did not give its consent (permission) for the young hockey players to transfer to another hockey club, the families brought legal action for the unilateral, legal termination of the Service Agreements.

During the litigation, COBALT was able to prove that the minor children and their parents had the right to withdraw unilaterally from the agreements signed with the association “Mārupe Hockey Union”, a private sports school, due to the defendant’s default. The Riga Regional Court fully upheld COBALT’s clients’ claims and ordered the association to pay the costs of the court proceedings. The court’s judgment is final and cannot be appealed.

“We are pleased with the favourable outcome of the proceedings and the protection of the children’s interests. The Ombudsman’s Office of the Republic of Latvia has stated that the priority should be the opportunity for the child to continue developing their skills in sport. This follows the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Latvia’s Protection of the Rights of the Child Law, which establishes that the rights and best interests of the child should take precedence. The principle of protection of the rights of the child foresees that, in all actions concerning children, whether conducted by public or private entities, the primary focus should be on ensuring the best interests of the child,” comments Senior Associate Jānis Sarāns-Reneslācis.

Representation of the client before the court was ensured by COBALT Senior Associate Jānis Sarāns-Reneslācis and Associate Katrīna Annija Ročāne.

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