Online gambling companies win court proceeding in the Supreme Court over the suspension of online licences during the COVID-19 pandemic

2024 - 01 - 03

COBALT has successfully represented several major online gambling companies, including, Latsson Licensing SIA, SIA (currently William Hill Latvia SIA) and Olympic Casino Latvia SIA in legal proceedings against the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection of Latvia’s decision to suspend gambling licences issued to several gambling operators, including the plaintiffs, in accordance with the law adopted by the Saeima, “On Measures for the Prevention and Suppression of Threats to the State and Its Consequences Due to the Spread of COVID-19”.

During the court proceedings, COBALT was able to prove that the administrative act issued by the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection, which restricted the claimants’ right to organize gambling in an interactive environment or using electronic communication services, was unlawful and invalid from the date of its issue.

The Supreme Court decided to reject the cassation appeal of the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection.

The Supreme Court’s judgment establishes that the Constitutional Court’s judgment on 20 November 20 2020 in Case No. 2020-26-0106 concerning this suspension is essentially aimed at ensuring that private persons have the ability to effectively protect their legal interests. The Senate recognized that the State is liable for compensation for any damage caused to individuals by an unlawful administrative act.

Representation of the clients before the court was ensured by COBALT Senior Associate Jānis Sarāns-Reneslācis.

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