Clifford Chance Unilateral Option Clauses Survey 2021

2021 - 02 - 18
Article by: Jaanus Mody, Kristina Schotter, Anna-Riin Brett, Ģirts Lejiņš, Dr Toms Krūmiņš, Dr Rimantas Simaitis, Donatas Ramanauskas

We are pleased to have contributed to the 2021 edition of Clifford Chance Unilateral Option Clauses Survey on the current effectiveness of these clauses across the world.

The information is provided by our Baltic arbitration and dispute resolution team, including COBALT Estonia Managing Partner Jaanus Mody, Senior Associate Kristina Schotter and Assistant Lawyer Anna-Riin Brett, COBALT Latvia Partner Ģirts Lejiņš and Associate Dr. Toms Krūmiņš, COBALT Lithuania Partner Dr. Rimantas Simaitis and Associate Donatas Ramanauskas.

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