COBALT analysed the ownership unbundling of natural gas transmission system operator

2012 - 04 - 30

At the request of Elering, Estonian electricity transmission network operator, COBALT drafted a legal analysis on the compliance of ownership unbundling  of the gas transmission system operator to Estonian constitution and its international obligations.

COBALT drafted the analysis in co-operation with the PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisors team. In the first part of the analysis PwC highlighted the main economic reasons why the ownership unbundling model facilitates the achievement of goals in energy security, ensuring climate policy objectives, creation of competition in gas market and in relation to overall economic development in a more efficient way than ISO and ITO models. In the second part COBALT analysed the legal grounds justifying the ownership unbundling and whether the ownership unbundling is sufficiently justified. The leading author of the legal analysis was COBALT Tallinn energy expert and associate partner Elo Tamm.

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