The interests of former Utena District Mayor A. Katinas were upheld in dispute with the State

2024 - 03 - 07

In 2021, following a trial lasting over 7 years, A. Katinas, the former mayor of Utena district, , was acquitted in criminal proceedings against him, having successfully refuted any criminal allegations.

Given that the version of the Code of Criminal Procedure applicable at that time did not provide for the right of an acquitted person to compensation for representation costs, A. Katinas brought an action before the court seeking an order that the State reimburse him for the costs incurred in the criminal proceedings in respect of the lawyer’s legal fees, as pecuniary damage.

The appellate court, by its ruling of 02/20/2024, upheld the decision of the Vilnius City District Court, which granted the claim: A. Katinas was awarded EUR 55,762 in damages, EUR 1,742.40 to cover litigation costs in the civil case, and procedural interest of 5 per cent.

This case is one of the rare instances in case law where a claimant has been granted compensation for unreimbursed litigation costs in proceedings in which a person was acquitted of a criminal offence.

The client’s interests were successfully defended by COBALT lawyers Rimantas Simaitis, Linas Kuprusevičius and Milda Markevičiūtė.

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