Ukraine crisis advice desk

Legal advice on the relocation of Ukrainian businesses to the Baltics

There are no legal provisions allowing the transfer of a company from Ukraine to Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, however, relocation of businesses to the Baltics may be carried out.

Our team of corporate, finance, employment, IP, and tax lawyers are on hand to advise businesses` relocation to the Baltics.

Among other things, we can provide legal advice on:

International and regional supply chains and business ties are disrupted by the war in Ukraine, and our teams can assist with

To request advice, please contact with the details of your business description and what advice you need.

Free legal services to companies and people harmed by attacks on Ukraine

In light of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, we stand in solidarity with the people in Ukraine and our priority is to provide specific and targeted pro bono support in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Ukrainian people.

Our team of lawyers can offer free legal advice in our areas of expertise to companies and people harmed by attacks on Ukraine, also to Ukrainians fleeing the war and seeking refuge in the Baltics.

To request advice, please contact with some details of your circumstances and what advice you need.

You may find useful information regarding the migration of Ukrainians to Baltic states and the applicability of the Temporary Protection Directive in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania here.


Useful information prepared by COBALT specialists:


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